White Mountains of New Hampshire


     So for for two years straight, I've gone back up to Boston to spend my birthday there. Last year, I oddly enough went to a Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays game at Fenway Park...don't ask me why. I just ended up there with my cousins. LOL. But I wanted to do something different and go hiking! For starters, I have not been hiking before. So my aunt and her boyfriend decided to bring me to Mount Flume! Mountain Flume is the highest peak of the White Mountain in New Hampshire. 

     The one thing that I enjoy the most about traveling is actually the road trip to the destination. BEING ON THE ROAD HONESTLY FEEDS MY DAMN SOUL! I was meant to be on the road. From where we were at, it was going to be a two hour drive. We did not stop once because it was just trees and plus we really just wanted to get there. 

     Going on a hike was something I needed because you obviously don't have this natural beauty in Florida. Well, it's a different type of beauty that doesn't revolve around the tropical beauty. Anyways I love feeling disconnected and enjoying my surroundings. I didn't care how long we were there for. I wanted to just look at every inch of nature around me. I like to tell myself that I am a green thumb, but we know that's not true, because I enjoy the plants, trees, rivers and the color green. Like all shades of green because it can either be a harsh green or a soothing color that relaxes you. For me, I needed all the relaxation because let me tell you, I just wanted to feel disconnected from the world.

     Like I said earlier, my aunt and her boyfriend were kind enough to tag along with me on this adventure. Plus I couldn't drive anyways because I didn't have a car lol. But when it comes to road trips or any adventure, you really can't just go with just anyone. The reason being is that some people are so structured that if something is not according to plan, they will get upset. While others will just enough the moment. But going with them was a blast from the beginning because they just wanted to enjoy the experience. 

     All in all, it was something new for me. I just wanted my mind to wander around and to feel liberated. Which I did. So the trip was a success.